Despite isolated cases of quelea birds outbreak and rodents which affected some of the crop at Mushandike irrigation scheme in Masvingo, farmers remain optimistic of a good harvest.

309 hectares are under wheat at Mushandike irrigation scheme and despite the rodents and quelea birds challenges, the situation is under control with farmers at the irrigation hopeful of harvesting at least 3 tonnes per hectare.

“Tinedambudziko resenzi, rinoita kunge gozho asi ihombe kudarika gozho. Ririkucheka gorosi asi tovimba kuti nyangwe zvakadaro tichawana gowo rakanaka,” said one farmer.

“Makozho akambotivhiringa but zvave nani, akupera,” another farmer said.

Masvingo Provincial Crop and Livestock Officer, Mr Peter Chamisa highlighted that throughout the province, they have managed to contain the isolated cases of quelea birds outbreak.

He however said the shortage of combine harvesters will affect farmers at harvesting stage as the process becomes labour intensive in the absence of the harvesting machinery.

The province has a total of 975 hectares under wheat.