domestic violence.jpgThe Musasa Project says it will begin a comprehensive lobby and advocacy programme next year for the financing of the Domestic Violence Act, so that it is implemented fully to protect women, children and men in abusive situations. 


The Project Director, Miss Netty Musanhu, says people are aware of the existence of the act but more needs to be done to complement it, especially the establishment of more victim friendly units and the training of the judiciary and the police in handling of domestic violence victims.


Although Zimbabwe has a comprehensive legislation against gender based violence, the vice continues to increase as a result of non-enforcement due to shortage of funding.

The act provides for the establishment of an anti-domestic violence council as the existing one failed to embark on any programmes this year because of lack of resources.

Statistics released by Musasa Project reveal that cases of gender based violence continue to increase, with rape cases across the country topping the list in Harare and Masvingo Provinces.