walter mufanochiya.jpgSeasoned ZBC News anchor, Walter Mupfanochiya, has refuted allegations published in Tuesday’s Herald that news presenters at the corporation have not been paid for the past three months.
The article alleged that there is drama at Pockets Hill as news presenters have to force themselves to smile, while they are really hurting because of non-payment of salaries.


Mupfanochiya, who is also ZBC TV Manager, said it is shocking that a practicing journalist had written blatant lies without even seeking a comment from ZBC, which is a flagrant affront to basic journalistic principles.
“This is very misleading and I’m really shocked. I’m a newscaster myself; I’ve been paid and where one gets such facts which are actually not facts because they are falsehoods, people should not peddle falsehoods especially journalists,” said Mupfanochiya.


The Herald article also alleged that ZBC has not changed radio and television programming to improve quality.
However, ZBC recently acquired various programs including drama, soaps, reality shows and movies at a value of US$500 000 in addition to sealing a US$300 000 deal with a local bread-making firm, bringing new programs to the screen.
Said Mupfanochiya, “We brought in different genres, films magazines – some of the latest content – you talk of Jacob’s Cross even showing on SABC; Tinsel a leading drama…”
Mr. Mupfanochiya highlighted that the article is an indication that the journalist does not even watch ZBC TV stations, noting that people should not confuse the national broadcaster which has an obligation to foster nation building, Pan-African values and Zimbabwean heritage, with the DSTV platform.