bb munya 19-10-10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation website has been inundated with comments from Zimbabwe and across Africa from sympathisers who feel Big Brother Africa All Stars contestant, Munyaradzi Chidzonga was robbed of the US$200 000 grand prize.


Online Editor, Justin Mahlahla said comments and sentiments are coming from many countries across Africa.

“We are getting comments from across the continent but mainly from Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. This is a clear indication that millions of Zimbabweans and fellow African compatriots are standing by the Diamond Boy,” said Mahlahla.

“This story has received the most hits on our website so far, they are over 4 000 as at 4pm.”

Online Producer, Thembinkosi Mangena said people across Africa started posting their comments seconds after the story was published.

“This is just amazing, people’s responses were just overwhelming. We are still receiving comments and we really applaud the continent for voicing their concerns on this issue. We wish to assure that we will keep the continent updated on any latest developments,” said Mangena.

Many of the comments received applaud businessmen - Philip Chiyangwa and David Chapfika – for coming up with the compensatory fund to honour Munya’s outstanding performance during the 91 days he stayed in the Big Brother house.

The 24 year old Munya, who survived a record 9 times eviction in the Big Brother Africa All Stars edition, came second to the disappointment of many who had already declared him the winner. 

He fought off stiff competition from Nigeria’s Uti who was eventually crowned the winner of US$200 000 grand prize with 8 country votes against Munya’s 7.

Meanwhile, the ‘Diamond Boy’ is expected in the country from South Africa on Wednesday afternoon.


Here is what some readers had to say:

written by SADC, October 19, 2010
Nigerians are hating this.I LOVE IT!!!!

written by Tendai Madada, October 19, 2010
was a good representation of what Zimbabweans are capable of.Proudly Zimbabwean.

written by Kudzai Gadzira, October 19, 2010
Its done. Munya is the WINNER. Be blessed

written by Lerato, October 19, 2010
He deserve the money, truly believe he has been cheated. All the (best) Munya

written by Lydianne GH, October 19, 2010
Munya you are a conqueror you did not win in the eyes of bba but you won in the eyes of Africa. We Ghanaians loves u sooo…! Much. Your best days are not behind you they are ahead of you.

written by antony mashingaidze, October 19, 2010
u a the man munya, wile u a troubled by the thots of this daylight robbery we a behind u all the way, u really deserve this gesture. thank u zimbabwe, it was a blessing in disguise. remain focused young man

written by TES, October 19, 2010
MUFC for life…you deserved to win diamond boy..i never stopped voting!!! Thank you all for rallying behind our boy! he did us proud…Well done Munya!!!!!MUFC

written by Zola, October 19, 2010
I am a South African, i salute you our diamond boy, in my heart you’re the real winner,may God bless you with your future plans. I salute you.

written by epie, October 19, 2010
munya`s destiny was not in m net `s money but m net paved a way for his success.zim loves you munya

written by Honky Dorry, October 19, 2010
 I LOVE Munya to the fullest hey and Proudly Zimbabwean and hey this is how we do it thanx Mr Phil adn gang!!!!   

written by Honey Drops, October 19, 2010
You Zimbos are so funny….oh well, if it makes u feel better about losing to our sweetheart UTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In your heart of hearts, i’m sure u all know that hypocrite, Munya didn’t deserve a cent  

written by Unknown, October 19, 2010
Am Zambian, but i really wanna express my respect for munya and the manner in which he played the game for 91 days …….. so mature and he exhibited true african qualities . KNOW FROM TODAY THAT YOU WERE THE WINNER !!!

written by Nyabusu, October 19, 2010
He really deserved to win, but what can we say, thanks Zim for honouring our true african son. Malawian

written by awelle asogwa, October 19, 2010
munya fought hard but we all have to accept the fact that it wasn’t his destiny to win BBA all stars but it was Utis. no man can change one’s destiny. Uti was a bigger star.

written by Grace from Ghana Accra, October 19, 2010
Am very happy about this news, May God bless those doing this to our Munya cos its saddened my heart when i heard the news of the results being annouced on the big brother stage placing Munya as second.

Am Ghanaian but still voted Munya.

written by Zena, October 19, 2010
I am Nigerian and Munya was and is my Winner. I was sooo sad and angry tht the bully Uti won, i cant understand how Africa would choose tht arrogant, rude, uncouth Buly over my Daimond boy.

written by Artful Dodger, October 18, 2010
Show dem that Zim is not poor but a diamond rich nation and not the beggars people would like to project us as

written by Tina – Munya’s number 1 fan, October 18, 2010
U go boy, you deserve the money. You worked for it and you did us proud. Thank you guys for the proposed $300 000. It will lift the boy’s spirit. Munya, you don’t know how I felt when IK announced that self-centred bastard’s name as the winner.

written by Nody, October 18, 2010
Go Zim Go. We were robbed and africa knows it..

written by Fifie, October 18, 2010
Wow,thanx mr david…4 beatin mnet.u r such an angel…go munyaaaa

written by joseph vwegbslife, October 18, 2010
that will be niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i really liked your boy

written by Ian Marufu, October 18, 2010
May God bless the team for houuring one of our own. This is true patriotism. I salute you sons of the soil.