A campaign to raise funds for veteran author, Charles Mungoshi to get a brain operation has been successful and the iconic writer will now undergo surgery after the Easter holidays.

In an interview with the ZBC News in Harare today, the writer’s son, Charles Mungoshi Jnr said the campaign had an initial target of US$9000, but raised US$12100 from various contributors, adding that they are now short of US$5000 to ensure that Mungoshi can get the all-important post-operative care.

The veteran author suffered a stroke in 2010 and then developed a condition where cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) was building up in his brain, causing it to compress against the skull and resulting in a number of neurological challenges for the writer.

He also lost a lot of mobility, and his speech became slurred and he could no longer read or write.

“An operation was done last year to insert a shunt into his brain to drain the excess fluid, but the shunt is not serving any purpose. A private doctor advised that a “vp shunt replacement’ operation would be needed, costing US$9000, and this led to the fund raising campaign.” said Charles Mungoshi Jnr.

Charles Mungoshi has written novels and short stories in both Shona and English, as well as two collections of children’s stories; Stories from a Shona Childhood and One Day Long Ago, all published by Baobab Books in 1989 and 1991 respectively.

The former won him the NAMA award.

Mungoshi has also written a number of poems and has one published collection; The Milkman Doesn’t Only Deliver Milk, published by Baobab Books in 1998.

He has won the Commonwealth Writers Africa Region Prize twice, in 1988 and 1998 for two collections of short stories: The Setting Sun and the Rolling World published by Heinemann in 1987, and Walking Still published by Baobab Books in 1997.

Two of his novels: Waiting For The Rain published by Heinemann in 1975 and Ndiko Kupindana KwaMazuva published by Mambo Press in 1975 received international pen awards.