The family of the award-winning author, Charles Mungoshi is upholding the works of the literature expert by exposing his publications to the public including his last book which the family published for him during the days of his incapacitation.

After publishing Mungoshi’s book: ‘Branching Streams Flow in the Dark,’ in 2013, the Mungoshi family is safeguarding the works of the 71-year-old who is not feeling well due to hydrocephalus, a condition he was diagnosed in 2010.

Mungoshi’s son, Charles Junior said the book authored by the literature guru which the family published explores on the stigma and stereotype associated with HIV and AIDS patients, among others.

Branching Streams Flow in the Dark won an award at the National Arts and Merit awards and is currently being auctioned to raise money for Mungoshi’s treatment bills.

Mungoshi is known for publishing books including; Waiting for the Rain (1975), Walking Still (1997), Coming of the Dry Season (1972), as well as some Shona books; Ndiko Kupindana Kwemazuva and Inongova Njake Njake.