A multimillion dollar business complex, possibly the most expensive property in Banket is nearing completion and will change the face of the dormitory town.

Construction of the modern complex which began late last year is expected to be completed within the next three months. 

It is the first development of its kind in Banket, a dormitory settlement whose existence was spurred on by agricultural activity around the township. 

Property owner, Mr Isaac Levy said the project estimated at a cost of $3,5 million created almost 100 jobs and the property has already attracted big commercial enterprises in the retail, fast foods, shoe manufacturing and medical sectors.

“The project cost over $3,5 million and it is going to change the face of Banket. We have managed to create over 80 jobs through the project and a number of companies have expressed interest to lease part of the complex,” he said.

As each province braces up to create its own GDP contribution under the proposed grand devolution plan, such investments will be central in unlocking and boosting provincial revenue.