gen mujuru1.jpgThe inquest to establish the circumstances surrounding the death of Retired General Solomon Tapfumaneyi Mujuru at his Ruzambo/Alamein Farm in Beatrice entered the second week with four witnesses testifying.

Jimmy Maponga, the 21st witness and one of the people who met the General at Beatrice Motel on the night before the fateful fire incident, was not called upon to testify as the State through use of Section 3.1.4 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act and through a common understanding with the family’s legal council, saw that his evidence was in tandem with the evidence given by the other witnesses who saw the General at Beatrice Motel.

Mr Grant Nakazwe, who owns Blackistone Farm and a neighbour to the late General, came in as the 22nd witness.

His evidence was to the effect that he had received a call from Mr Maponga, who works at Beatrice Hospital at around 4AM, informing him of the fire incident.

He narrated how he had attended the scene and contacted ZESA so as to establish the cause of the fire.

Police officers from Beatrice Police Station came in as the 23rd, 24th, and 25th witnesses.

Constable Cletwell Garisayi testified how he had received a telephone call from Rosemary Short and how he subsequently informed his superiors.

He indicated that there was no vehicle at the police station, adding that his superiors had phoned a neighbouring farmer who provided a vehicle which they had boarded to attend the scene.

He indicated how he had seen the General’s body still on fire after it was located by one of his superiors and he narrated the events that transpired until the General’s body was ferried to 1 Commando Mortuary.

Assistant Inspector Jokonia Zaza, who was the duty officer at Beatrice Police Station, narrated the role he played on the day he was informed of the fire incident until the time the charred remains of General Mujuru were located in the farm house lying face down in a prone position.

Inspector Dube, the last witness of the day, also narrated how he had taken charge of the fire scene on his arrival.

During questioning, he revealed that though the room where the General’s remains were found was cordoned off, there were no bookings made of people who entered the room who included high ranking officials and close relatives.

Vice President Joice Mujuru noted that the inquest had so far clarified some dark areas regarding the mysterious fire incident which claimed her husband’s life.

So far, none of the 25 witnesses’ evidence has revealed the source of the fire.

However, this Wednesday, three experts one from ZESA, another from CID Ballistics, and the last from the Fire Brigade will take the stand and give their expert evidence on the cause of the fire.