president-mugabe 18.04.11.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, has described the Commander of Commanders, Retired General Solomon Mujuru, as a gallant fighter who has been sadly taken away from the people by a cruel, painful fire.

Cde Mugabe was speaking at the burial ceremony of Retired General Solomon Mujuru, at the National Heroes Acre where thousands of people gathered to give a befitting send-off to the gallant son of the soil.

Retired General Mujuru died when a fire engulfed his Beatrice Farm house  on Tuesday.

He was among the pioneering cadres who were sent for external military training in other countries.

President Mugabe conveyed his deepest condolences to the Mujuru family and Vice President Joice Mujuru saying, Retired General Mujuru survived the rigours of the liberation struggle, only to be taken away by a fire.

Cde Mugabe said the Commander of Commanders was a fearless nationalist and consistent cadre who sacrificed his life for the liberation of Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe said Retired General Mujuru was a legend and the cruel fire will not consume his role and fame as a fighter of fighters.

“Rex is a legend. He was a great fighter, fighter of fighters, a freedom fighter, a commander who behaved like a mere soldier and shared risks with his fellow soldiers” said President Mugabe.

He said the Commander of Commanders could interact with everyone and was always at the frontline sharing risks with other cadres.

Cde Mugabe said Retired General Mujuru remained firm even in 1977 when the armed struggle generated momentum and many gave up, defected and betrayed the revolution.

He said in 1979 at the Lancaster House Conference, General Mujuru did not take part in the talks but remained in the front fuelling the war of liberation.

President Mugabe said Retired General Mujuru always urged people to be united.

Cde Mugabe reminded the British and their allies, the Americans, that Zimbabwe is now a sovereign state and they should stop meddling in the country’s affairs.

He said Retired General Mujuru recognised the need to mobilise the masses for an effective prosecution of the armed struggle.

President Mugabe said people should organise themselves and form partnerships in order to control indigenous resources.