As Zimbabweans celebrate the life of the founding father, former President Cde Robert Mugabe, one of his most outstanding attributes, which his fellow countryman and Africans fell in love with, was his eloquence which charmed many whenever he stood up to speak.

In Africa’s history of the struggle for liberation, there are some names that are revered and stand out due to their immense contribution towards the emancipation of black people.

Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe is one such name.

He remains an African icon who stood up against imperialism, fought for what he believed in and articulated the Pan-African principles with eloquence and pride.

Loved and respected across the continent, Cde Mugabe left many in awe due to his sheer brilliance and ability to articulate issues whenever he took to the podium.

Lauded as the most educated African politician, the late former President’s intrinsic command of the English language could not be disputed and what with a great sense of humor to add the icing on the cake.

The orator is no more but the archives will not betray him as he left something more valuable than silver and gold for future generations to tap from.