Former President Robert Mugabe has expressed bitterness that this is the first election in 38 years that in which he is not appearing on the ballot paper despite having voluntarily resigning in November last year. 

On the eve of tomorrow’s elections, Mugabe called for a press conference at his blue roof mansion in Borrowdale, Harare, where he poured his heart out and accused the media of attacking his wife, Grace.

Mugabe was visibly at pains that he is not part of the 23 presidential candidates vying for the highest office of the land.

The former president claimed that Zimbabweans have never been free since he left office last year.

He repeated claims that he was forced out of office despite that in November last year thousands of people marched in the streets expressing their displeasure on his leadership before his resignation a few days later.

The ex-president also revealed that his multimillion dollar mansion is on verge of collapse as the roofing material is sub standard.

During the press conference, Grace Mugabe interjected and shared her opinions, stating that they were told by the treasury that they were entitled to $467 000 pension, which they need probably to fix their house.

However, Mugabe commended the new dispensation for taking care of his medical checkups.

The media briefing by the former Zimbabwean leader was attended by both local and international media.