crippled.pngLife will never be the same for 64 year-old Mudzi man, Titos Ndowa, after his wife who used to take care of their two disabled children suffered a stroke two years ago.
The family is appealing for help from all Zimbabweans.
For such an old man to fend for a family of two disabled children and a bed-ridden wife can be traumatising especially when one does not have any source of income.
When ZBC News visited the Ndowa family, the three were seated under a granary shade waiting for their saviour, the father who had gone to fetch water.
This is the everyday life for Mr. Ndowa whose life style seems to have been accepted by the community.


For the past three decades, Mr and Mrs Ndowa used to take care of their two disabled children, 34 year old Tozivei and 31 year old Barbara Ndowa.
father fetches water.png

However, life has never been the same after the wife suffered a stroke.

Mrs. Cecila Ndowa who suffered a stroke two years ago said it is difficult for her to helplessly watch her husband doing all the house chores for the family.
A Church member in the community Mrs. Rudo Musunza and a local member of the Child Protection Unit in the area, Mr. Vengai Matekenya, suggested that the situation can only be solved if the two children are taken to a home.
The family lives about 210 kilometres from Harare and the homestead is about 8 kilometres from the Harare-Nyamapanda road.