tobaiwa mudede 14-12-10.jpgThe Registrar General, Mr Tobaiwa Mudede has warned marriage officers who include pastors involved in marriages of convenience on the possibility to have their certificates of practice invoked.


The warning follows increased reports of illegal marriages involving foreigners.

The country’s immigration laws and the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme has seen some foreign nationals winking local women into marriage for them to get residence permit therefore being assured of being involved in business.

In light of this, the Registrar General said marriage officers should desist from being used in facilitating such unholy unions.

The Mr Mudede said there is also need for a policy review to severely punish those found wanting by law.

The Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act has reserved some sectors of the economy for locals only such as the retail sector and saloons, an area foreigners have vested interests.


This has led to some foreigners conspiring with some locals into entering marriages of convenience so as to obtain marriage certificates to be used in the application for operators’ licences and permanent residence permits.