cde olivia muchena 13-09-10.jpgZimbabwe has been commended for taking great strides in implementing the SADC gender protocol, a move which other countries in the region are slackening to employ.

SADC adopted the protocol on gender and development in 2008 in a bid to seek gender equality and ensure accountability by all SADC member states.


Zimbabwe is said to be one of the few countries in the region that have made strides in giving women decision making positions.

Malawi is one of the few countries still lagging behind as revealed by Mrs. Emma Kaliya, a non-governmental representative who is in the country to attend the SADC Gender Alliance cluster meeting which is being held in the capital.


Mrs. Kaliya said there is need for regional leaders to be pushed in order to implement the protocol on gender and development if the 2015 target is to be achieved.


Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister, Cde Olivia Muchena, who was officiating at the meeting said although a lot of achievements are being realised in terms of the implementation of the gender and development protocol, more still needs to be done in the security sector where no women hold leadership positions.

According to a survey that was conducted in the country, there are no women occupying the top positions in the Defence Forces and the Air Force.


In the public service sector, women are occupying 67% while in the judiciary there is 29%.