disabled.pngPeople living with disabilities have been urged to shun the dependency syndrome and mobilise projects and resources that enable them to have a decent life.

This was said by the Special Advisor on Disability issues in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Retired Brigadier Felix Muchemwa at the commissioning of 200 stands for disabled people.

Retired Brigadier Muchemwa, who was the Guest of Honour at the commissioning of a core house and 200 stands for members of the Mushawedu Housing Cooperative for the Disabled, at Eastville, Caledonia Farm in Harare, called on people living with disability to shy away from dependence, saying they are the masters of their destiny and should take a leaf from the cooperative which has shown that disability is not necessarily inability.

He also stressed the need for provision of adequate water supplies, in view of the threat of communicable diseases associated with shallow wells.

Chairperson of the co-operative, Mr. Simon Hatiyanani said the project is ample testimony that people with disabilities can solve their own problems, given right resources.

Members of the cooperatives expressed relief over the project saying it will go a long way in alleviating the problems they face in acquiring decent accommodation.

The cooperative was formed in 2007 after members realised the need to fund their own accommodation due to negative perceptions from property owners.

The stands were bought through individual members’ subscriptions.