The Mtshabezi community has demanded for a reconsideration of priorities as water from the dam in their area is supplying the City of Bulawayo, while they are left without the scarce resource.

The case of the Mtshabezi community is literally that of one forgetting to feed goose that lays the eggs.

The water pipeline that serves Bulawayo passes through the community after harnessing water from Mtshabezi dam yet the area is left with residents thirsting for water.

The area legislator and the Mtshabezi Rural District Council say the pipeline that supplies 17 000 cubic meters of water to Bulawayo passes through a community wishing to quench its thirst as well as water crops in the drought prone area.

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority says the dam constructed in 1994 now has access points where the community can now access water for irrigation purposes.

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environment, Water, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Cde Wonder Mashange says there is need to ensure that projects such as the supply of water to Bulawayo from Mtshabezi dam also benefit the community to avoid vandalism as well as inculcate a sense of ownership.

The 42-kilometre pipeline which links the dam to Bulawayo now has seven off-take points earmarked along the way which allow locals to access water from the dam with one now being operational.

However, for many of the residents of the area, the pace is just too slow.