business meeting 20.09.10.jpgThe Medium Term Plan (MTP) seeks to raise US$9 billion in the next five years to revive industry and sustain household requirements.

Following its approval by cabinet, the MTP, which is a successor to the Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP), seeks to consolidate macro- economic gains through an average annual single digit inflation rate of 5%, facilitate Gross Domestic Product (GDP) levels of  7%,  mobilise US$9 billion to sustain the economy, create new jobs,  attract on local and foreign direct investment.

The policy is among other factors expected to unlock value in strategic resources such as agriculture, mining, construction and tourism as well as ensuring that the economy performs positively through boosting savings and local demand, amid revelations by a director of a local company, Mr Langton Nyatsambo that industry is expecting the policy to provide  solutions to productivity constraints.
“This policy will also help in transforming the economy,” Mr Nyatsambo said.

The MTP, which will be operational between 2011 and 2015 will provide a framework on policies to ensure that Government balances the act between expenditure and revenue inflows, providing a stable climate for business growth and increasing availability of locally produced goods.

A local entrepreneur, Mr Chamunorwa Chabvuta says   commitment between the government and industry is vital for MTP to be a success.

“We hope that Government and private sector will cooperate,” he said.

Given the fact that the MTP is expected to play a crucial role in consolidating  economic stability that has been achieved to date, Zimbabweans are awaiting to see whether  the policy will be implemented so as to ensure that its objectives yield positive results.