mtp launch 07-07-11.jpgThe macro-economic policy targets set in the Mid Term Plan (MTP) have been described as achievable although inconsistent.

An economic analyst, Mr Christopher Mugaga says the MTP targets are modest, but inconsistent.

The MTP, which was recently launched by the government aims to raise the country’s production, create employment and reduce poverty.

The macro-economic policy targets for the MTP include achieving an average growth rate of 7,1% in the next five years, single digit annual inflation and a current account deficit of not more than 5% of GDP by 2015.

It also targets an average employment rate of 6% per annum and foreign exchange reserves of at least three months import cover by 2015.

The MTP contains a macro-economic consistency framework combining key sectors of the economy, such as fiscal, monetary, real and external sectors which shows the sectoral flow of funds into the country and summarises total economic activity.