The Commission of Inquiry set up by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to investigate circumstances that led to the August 1 election violence that claimed six lives has concluded its public hearings with former Home Affairs Minister, Dr Obert Mpofu and MDC-T spokesperson, Linda Masarira testifying.

Dr Mpofu told the commission that there is no way the government would have ordered the killing of civilians, adding that the demonstration was created, planned and choreographed by the MDC Alliance leadership to taint the peaceful electoral process that prevailed in the country.

“The 2018 general elections was the most peaceful election i have witnessed in my political career,” said Dr Mpofu.

Dr Mpofu also availed a recording he had with MDC Alliance leader, Advocate Nelson Chamisa in which he appealed to him to instruct his supporters to stop the violence.

Dr Mpofu told the commission that he did not want to waste the time of the commission by explaining the hate and incitements made by the MDC Alliance leadership ahead of the elections.

Masarira also took to the stand, describing the MDC Alliance as a party full of violent people.

She claimed that on the day, MDC Alliance supporters were intoxicated.

Masarira also revealed that the MDC Alliance has people who received banditry training in Cape Town, South Africa and Livingstone, Zambia with the intention of dislodging the government.

Earlier on, a commuter omnibus driver gave evidence before the commissioners. his use of street language and the failure to articulate issues left the gallery in stitches.

The Commission of Inquiry has had a marathon programme that took them from Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and back to the capital interviewing over a 100 people.