Shortage of radiologists is affecting the cancer screening exercise at Mpilo Central Hospital as the community is forced to engage private radiologists to interpret the results of the images taken at the institution.      

In September this year, the southern region got a massive boost when it was presented with a mammogram machine by the National Aids Council (NAC) for early screening of breast cancer among women for free as the institution moves in to deal with non-commutable diseases in its fight against the AIDS pandemic.

While the move provided relief to most women who had to seek such services in Harare, NAC Bulawayo provincial manager Mrs Finatre Nyathi confirmed that the shortage of radiologists at Mpilo Hospital is threatening the potential of the noble programme.

She, however, said they got confirmation from government that such specialists will be recruited by January next year.

It costs between US$50 and US$60 for one to engage a private radiologist, a figure beyond many who are unemployed but in need of such services.