Mozambique has recorded more deaths caused by the cyclone, a government minister said, with hundreds left in camps after homes were destroyed.

After the cyclone chastised the Mozambican port city of Beira with winds of up to 170km/h, then moved inland to Zimbabwe and Malawi, flattening buildings, trees and putting millions of lives at risk.

Mozambique Land, Environment and Rural Development Minister Celso Correia said death tolls had intensified to 446 from 417, adding that 531 000 people had been affected by the disaster and 110 000 were in camps.

A number of people were also killed in the surrounding countries, with 56 deaths in Malawi and the United Nation’s migration agency reporting 259 deaths in Zimbabwe, while its humanitarian arm, the Office for the Coordination of Human Affair (OCHA) had a death toll of 154.

In all three countries, survivors have been digging through rubble to search victims, and scrambling for shelter, food and water, while the government and other forms of aid agencies rush to assist.

The floods give rise to risks of water borne diseases, such as cholera, and Correia said the government will be opening a Cholera treatment centre in readiness of an outbreak.