cde simon khaya moyo 12-04-11.jpgZanu PF National Chairman, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo says the constitution making process should be completed soon to pave way for the national elections this year.

Ambassador Moyo was speaking during the relaunch of the Light of Africa Magazine in Bulawayo.

He said the Global Political Agreement (GPA) stipulates that elections must be held after 2 years.

Cde Moyo said it has become increasingly alarming that some people view Zimbabwe as a commodity for sale, adding that thousands of people perished while others where maimed to liberate the country and therefore cannot be for sale.

He warned some setors of the society against snubing this year’s Independence Day commemorations, saying the day is a special and significant occasion where the nation should celebrate the lives of heroes who sacrificed their lives to bring about a free and independent Zimbabwe.

“One of the reasons behind the liberation struggle was to allow people to vote for a political party of their choice. Some people however have taken it upon themselves to believe that supporting a political party means being anti-national events,” he said.

Light of Africa Magazine, which was first launched in Harare last month, is an initiative of a national youth oraganisation, Pamberi nevhu/pambili ngomhlabati.

President of the organisation, Mr Danny Masukume said the magazine publishes national issues and celebrates national events.