Society should always play a leading role in improving the social welfare of people living with mental and psycho-social disabilities.

The plight of people suffering from mental and psycho-social disability can never be heard if the community does not join hands and find time to visit, interact and treat them like ordinary persons.

Besides discrimination and labelling, psycho-social patients also experience legal exclusion where they are not allowed to testify in court as they are deemed incapable of giving evidence, hence fall victims to various abuses because of the denied chance to speak for themselves.

These were the take home lessons from the documentary State of Mind, a movie directed by journalist and film-maker Mr Hopewell Chingono that tries to explore the challenges that mental patients and their guardians go through because of the difficulty complex of the illness.

Some of the people who attended the screening of the movie described it as a masterpiece and also called on the government to increase funding and capacitate psychiatric centres with adequate, experienced and dedicated workers so as to speed up the recovery processes of these mentally-challenged patients.

Mr Chingono said the movie was inspired by his mother who he said suffered at least 25 years of mental and psycho-social disability.