The 2018 Zimbabwe Motorsports Federation calendar highlights include a four part series of the ever-popular drag racing series which has been scheduled for 29 April, 24 June, 26 August and 21 August at Donnybrook Park giving motor sport enthusiasts a not to miss season.

The 2018 Zimbabwe motorsports season opens with the main circuit racing event on 03 March, which will be followed by another meeting on 20 May, then 29 July and the final one on 28 October.

Following the resurfacing of the whole track the sport has been growing and seen a number of young and new entrants to the sport including youngsters like 29 year old Austin Chitepo.

According to statement posted on social media by the Sables Dragpro Zimbabwe, the 2018 dates are subject to change.

The highlight of the main circuit racing is the newly introduced street challenge where drivers can test their ordinary vehicles on the track and usually draws lots of new competitors.

The main race the Enduro race which lasts over two hours non-stop with more than 39 vehicles and 16 bikes participating is the most gruelling and another exciting race on the main circuit.

The four part series of the ever-popular drag racing series drags have proved to be fastest growing sport in the country with a huge following and usually attracts some foreign entries.

The first of the four part series comes in on 29 April, then June 24, the third lap scheduled for 26 August and the fourth and last on 21 August.

It has always proved to be the country’s most popular motorsport event, as drag racing lives up to its promise and top billing attracting thousands of spectators who throng the racetrack during each meet.

The drag racing series attract thousands of spectators, and not less than 100 different adrenalin junkies who compete in saloon vehicles, superbikes and quad bikes competing in the different classes such as sports, modified and saloon cars straight from the street over a quarter mile distance of 400 metres.

The mean, modified and powerful machines take to the track vying to break the 9 seconds barrier and the course 11.091 seconds record set by the black AC Cobra.

South African based Reg Murray record of 11.02 seconds set in his modified purple Chevyair V8 was broken by Alan Cacase in a black AC Cobra to set a new 11.091 seconds.

Mano Zhevgolis’ modified Toyota MR2 which has undergone extensive development and now weighs a mere 80 kg after being rebuilt with fireglass has been one of the star attractions hitting top speed of 215.14 km/hr.

Leslie Carlson also eclipsed retired Phil Archenoul’s long standing record of 10.2 seconds for the superbikes on his Suzuki GSXR 1000 series to set a new 10.141 seconds and a top speed of 224.77 kph has to contend with his young brother Darryl and another speedster Angelo Perreira in the ultimate superbikes showdown.

Lady biker Tiffany Fisher is always in the thick of things and a contender for the title on the day.

It remains to be seen if these times will stand the test of time during the forthcoming drags series.