commuter-omnibuses.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police has urged motorists to exercise caution and ensure their vehicles are serviced ahead of the rain season.
The rain when combined with slippery lubricants such as oil and grease make the roads dangerous.

The problem is worsened when defective vehicles use worn out tires.

It is against this background that Police Spokesperson, Inspector Tigere Chigome is calling for motorists to ensure that their vehicles are in good condition to avoid accidents during the rain season.

Inspector Chigome expressed concern over the continued loss of life through road carnage in circumstances that are avoidable.

While all stakeholders in the transport sector have continued to preach about the need to desist from speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, the trend seem to be continuing.

Inspector Chigome said the police will deal with public transport drivers who are the main culprits as their behavior has become a cause of concern among other road users.