harare_city logo.jpgMotorists say the Harare City Council should make an effort to seal potholes which are fast becoming ditches and are posing a threat to motorists this rainy season.

The City fathers has for a long time been blamed for misdirecting priorities and continuing to turn a blind eye on pertinent issues that need immediate attention.


Potholes are not only an eyesore to pedestrians but a threat to motorists especially this rainy season.

The potholes, which are becoming deeper and will now qualify to be called deep pits and pools have now become characteristic of the roads in the capital city and motorists have to swerve constantly while driving so as to avoid hitting them and damaging their cars.

Motorists who spoke to ZBC News said the city fathers should address the situation with immediate effect and desist from using sand or stones to fill up the potholes as these materials will only be washed away by the rains.

A couple of years ago, the Harare City Council was sued by a local businesswoman, Ms Pindi Nyandoro, after her car was damaged by a pothole.