motorracing.jpgThe Zimbabwe Motor Sport Federation, (ZMSF) has urged all girls from across the country to come and participate in the sport so as to improve gender balance.

ZMSF Media and Public Relations Officer, Themba Mazvimbakupa, said the sport is one-sided and hence there is need for more females to venture into motor cross.


Mazvimbakupa said: “The sport is dominated by males and so we encourage more girls to come and make their presence felt to bring gender equality.”


The Motor Sport Club was originally formed as The Land Rover and Off-Road Enthusiasts’ Club in 1993.


Since its inception the club has grown and embraced all marquee of 4-wheel drive.


Monthly club events include novice training days to teach the newly converted to correct use of their vehicles and equipment, hill climbs, and weekend cross-country jaunts.