From a gardener to a motivational speaker, Blessing Mandipira has rose through the ranks to establish himself as a writer who has to date penned three motivational books.

He was a garden keeper and the first thing he did was to change the title of being called a garden boy to sanitation expert and later dumped his job for motivational speaking.

In sum this has been the life of Mandipira.

He has written three motivational books and said many people are inspired by his works.

Mandipira is happy about his achievements and has also taken his motivational speaking talents to schools and colleges with the hope of inspiring others.

one of his writings ‘From a Gardener to a Motivational Speaker’ focuses on encouraging people to always aim high in life and it gives hope to those in despair.

Another of the books ‘The Winning Age’ touches on adopting an ever winning mentality if one is to survive the modern economies.