mercyym.jpgBy Mercy Makuwatsine


The story ‘Maids: The new scare’ has attracted interest and I have received messages from people who have their different views on maids.

The issue of the HIV positive maid who fed a baby with porridge mixed with her menstrual blood has been taken by some women as a mistake. One Chiguro said “musikana uyu did not do it intensionally. Kune vanhu vanoita maheavy flows and semusikana anenge asati ambogesa mangwanani ari busy kuprepare kuti amai vaanoshandira nemwana vaende kubasa nekuchikoro. Zvimwe akadarika ndiro achida kuita reach out kutora something ndokudonedzera ropa,” meaning the girl made a mistake as she might be having a heavy flow.

To me surely how can blood mistakenly flow into a plate of porridge and one continues to feed the baby the porridge. That shows the heartless nature of the girl, if that argument is anything to go by.

Others feel the mothers should make sure their children have eaten before they leave. But how many meals does a child have a day? It is not only porridge by the way. At mid-day a child is given something to eat, and towards the end of day the child is also given something and the mother comes back home only after 5pm. So should the child be starved waiting only for the mother to breast-feed it? It is not practical. At times mothers want their maids to feed the child whilst they are present such that they monitor the way the maid will be doing her work.

I feel this is exactly what the mother of the child who was fed with porridge mixed with menstrual blood was doing and the results were clear that the girl might have been feeding the baby with such porridge for a long time. If the mother had not let the maid feed the baby, then she would have not discovered what was happening whilst she was away.

Some even say some maids go to the extent of breastfeeding the babies in a way of trying to make the child to keep quiet. Is it not satanism in our society? Well, no one knows because blood in porridge and breastfeeding of the babies by maids are now everyday stories said and some of such perpetrators are even caught in action. What has gone wrong in our society?

Of course, some mothers are lazy and wait for the maids to do all the work, but I have talked to some who say that they wake up every day at 5am, make sure their child has bathed and prepare something for the baby. But surely one cannot prepare porridge at 5am so that the child will eat it at 8am or 9am when the mother has gone to work?

Maids should be responsible enough and behave as future mothers too. General hygiene is essential.

It is important to note that in my article “Maids: the new scare” my main concern was on those babies who cannot talk and eat on their own.

However, it is important to point out that mothers should also teach their children especially those of school-going age to wash themselves, clean the dishes, sweep the house and even wash their own clothes.