avalanche.jpgA Pakistanian General said more than 100 troops have been buried by an avalanche in the disputed Kashmir region.


Meanwhile, the number of people who are feared dead in the Kashmir region has risen to 135.

Pakistan Army spokesman, Major General Athar Abbas said 124 Pakistanian soldiers and 11 civilians were missing after 21 metres of snow engulfed a military camp near the Siachen Glacier this Saturday and rescuers are yet to find any survivors.

Major General Abbas said it could take several days to complete the rescue operation where temperatures can plunge to minus 70 celsius.

The region is prone to avalanches and a previous one killed 24 Pakistanian troops in 2010.

The avalanche hit a military camp near the Siachen Glacier in the Karakoram branch of the Himalaya Mountains.

India and Pakistan both claim the area and have deployed thousands of troops.