diamonds.jpgThe Zimbabwe Miners Federation says there in need for caution in the selection of investors and allocation of diamond claims to ensure that the country remains in control of the resource. 


The call by the Zimbabwe Miners Federation comes at a time government has intensified efforts in luring strategic partners in the exploitation of the Marange diamond fields.


This follows recommendations by the KP monitor that government should issue more claims to ensure that there are more players in the exploitation of the resource.


Zimbabwe Miners Federation President, Mr. Tryson Nkomo said the allocation of the claims should ensure that the country retains control of the resource by formalising and implementing small scale diamond mining.


“We must take hid of Chikane’s call for more players in the exploitation of Marange fields.


“We also do not want to fall into the same pitfalls as other countries where the diamond industry is controlled by big foreign firms,” said Mr Nkomo.


Commenting on the proposed ban in the trade of Marange gems by the New-York based Rapaport Diamond Trading Network, Mr. Nkomo described the call as unfortunate and misplaced given the endorsement of the Marange gems by the global diamond watchdog body, the Kimberley Process.


The Zimbabwe government through its mining arm the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC), is currently in a 50-50 joint venture partnership with Mbada Diamonds and Carnadile in the mining of diamonds in Chiadzwa.