chombo ignatius 3 25-08-10.jpgGovernment has cracked the whip on errant councils throughout the country with more councillors in Rusape and Bindura being suspended as part of measures to ensure good corporate governance in local authorities.



This latest action against allegedly corrupt councillors has brought the number of suspended councillors to 15, following the suspension of  7 others in the capital.


The Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Dr Ignatius Chombo says such government actions have been necessitated by reports from the investigating teams.


“As the responsible ministry, we have cracked the whip on errant councils throughout the country and have suspended all the councillors involved in scandals that affected service delivery,” said Dr Chombo.


Suspended councillors from Harare are alleged to have connived with council workers to dispossess residents in Highfield and Glen Norah of council houses.


Dr Chombo said in Rusape and Bindura resuscitation management teams have been appointed to restore functionality in these local authorities and these teams will follow the set terms of reference.


In Harare, Dr Chombo has invoked the Urban Councils Act and rescinded all council resolutions linked to the repossession and allocation of council accommodation while the council officials who worked with the councillors in the house grabbing scam will face disciplinary action.


The suspended councillors have been given an opportunity to appeal before the disciplinary committee that has been set up and they have 45 days to do the process.