monomotapa united logo.jpgLocal football premiership side, Monomotapa United, has closed all possible prospects of selling the team’s franchise to Flame Lilly after the Division One side failed to honour its obligations.

The club’s chairman, Joseph Mukoki, revealed that the Monomotapa United franchise is no longer on sale after northern region division one side Flame Lilly failed to honour their part of the deal within the agreed time.

“We had given them enough time to pay up the needed fees but they failed and we have since written to them to say the deal is closed, we are therefore continuing as Monomotapa,” he said.

Turning to the alleged FIFA probe on the former champions, the Monoz chairman said fingers should instead be pointed at the

football mother body ZIFA who cleared the then champions for the Malaysia trip.

He said, “There was no way Monomotapa could have cleared themselves to go to Malaysia. We were requested by the then ZIFA leadership to travel because then we had no national team, now I get surprised to see everyone saying Monoz under probe. It’s not about Monoz; it’s about ZIFA.”

The Monomotapa-Malaysia trip probe has been re-kindled by a FIFA anti-corruption unit who are undertaking a global investigation into match fixing and illegal gambling in football.