mohadi-kembo.jpgThe Co – Minister of Home Affairs Cde Kembo Mohadi says members of the Anglican Church affiliated to the province of Central Africa have the freedom to go and worship at the Bernard Mizeki shrine and should not be deterred to do so.


Cde Mohadi dispelled fears that some members of the Anglican Church will be stopped from holding their annual pilgrimage at the Bernard Mizeki shrine, near Marondera saying Zimbabweans have a constitutional right that allows them freedom of worship.


He said no one is superior to another in this country and the police will be on standby in the event of any potentially violent situation from the two Anglican feuding factions, one aligned to bishop Nobert Kunonga of the Province of Zimbabwe and the other to reverend Chad Gandiya of the Province of Central Africa.


“As government we would like to assure the members of the Anglican church that they are free to go to do their annual pilgrimage at the Bernard Mizeki shrine. Police will be on standby to avert any violence,” he said.


Meanwhile, Reverend Chad Gandiya has lauded government for assuring the security of members of the Anglican Church during the commemorations to mark the 114th anniversary of the death of Bernard Mizeki starting this Friday.


“We are happy that the government has assured us of security and we would like to urge all our members to join us for this important commemoration,” he said.

Bernard Mizeki was one of the first African Christian missionaries and martyrs and the Anglicans converge at his shrine in Marondera every year to celebrate his life.


Members of the Anglican Church celebrate his martyrdom every 18th of June annually.