gaddafi death.jpgIn a clear demonstration of political intolerance and victimisation, a German company has terminated a long term contract with a model Vanessa Hessler after she described the family of the late Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi as being comprised of normal people.


The 23 year-old US-born Italian model once dated Mutassim Gaddafi a son to the late former Libyan leader, for four years.

Mutassim was killed together with his father on 20 October.

Reports say Vanessa revealed that the Gaddafi family is being depicted wrongly in western propaganda.

She castigated her country Italy, France and the United Kingdom for financing the rebels that toppled the Gaddafi regime.

These comments cost Hessler her long-term contract with German telecommunications firm, Telefónica.

The company vowed to remove her face from all their PR material within 24 hours.