models 2.jpgProfessionals in the modeling industry say the hosting of beauty pageants must be left to trained agents if the country’s modeling is to improve.


The professionals raised concern over the deteriorating standards in the hosting of the beauty pageants as there is no input from registered modeling agencies leading to models being blamed for lacking skill.


The concern comes shortly after the recently held Miss Tourism Harare, which came under scrutiny as the models lacked proficiency especially in the question and answer segment.


Modeling Agents of Zimbabwe (MIAZ) spokesperson, Wilbert Mukati said there are a lot of grey areas in the holding of the beauty pageants, resulting in the deterioration of standards in the profession.  


“Most of the models in the country lack proficiency. It is always beauty with brains that pays and without the involvement of registered modeling agencies in the grooming of models, modeling standards in the country will continue to deteriorate,” Mukati said.


Former model, Kiri Davies say there is need for organisers to give a chance to professionals if the country’s models are to make a mark on international platforms.


“The input of modeling agents is very crucial because they know how to groom successful models,” said Davies.
Zimbabwe has managed to produce great models such as Angeline Musasiwa and Britta Masalethulini.