There is consensus between authorities and the people in the Midlands province that more needs to be done to spruce up Mnene and Mberengwa hospitals, which despite serving a huge population, have substandard and dilapidated facilities.

Mberengwa Hospital was upgraded to a district facility, but remains a small medical centre by any standards. 

There are no proper maternity facilities, administration blocks and other amenities.

It is also taking time to complete construction projects meant to increase the hospitals’ facility and Mberengwa Acting District Medical Officer, Dr Gabriel Ndagurwa said the district is faced with many challenges.

On the other hand, Mnene Hospital in the same district is in is much better state. 

However, its facilities have deteriorated and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Zimbabwe (ELCZ) owned facility is in dire need of revival. 

On his visit to the two centres, the Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs, Cde Owen Ncube took the hospital authorities to task on why they have not adhered to government’s directive to scrap user fees for the young, the old and pregnant mothers.

The institution argues that it cannot because it needs all the little funding it can get to subsidise its activities.

Minister Ncube said the government will work to ensure the two institutions are maintained as centres of excellence in health delivery in order to assist less privileged members of the community. 

The Minister also handed over foodstuffs to support the two institutions’ nutritional obligations.