rupiahbanda.jpgZambia’s president Rupiah Banda expects his MMD party to score a victory in an election in Africa’s biggest copper producer that he says will be coming in a matter of months.

“I expect to win. My wish and my hope is that we win with a larger margin than what happened the last time when I stood as president (in 2008),” he said.


Banda could not give a date for the poll but said it was “coming soon”, indicating it would take place before September.

He described a union of the two main opposition parties as a “concern”, but said his administration’s economic record growth last year was 7%, and should be the same this year – should see him through comfortably to a second term.

“We should come out with a bigger majority,” said Banda.

In a sign of his confidence, Banda ruled out imposing populist windfall taxes on copper mining companies that are currently reaping major profits with prices hovering at record highs.