Having realised the benefits of government agricultural programmes particularly the command agriculture, Norton legislator, Honourable Temba Mliswa has borrowed the idea and launched the Norton Development Association input scheme to complement government efforts to increase national agricultural output.

The launch of the programme is being motivated by the national development agenda of building provincial economies that sustain themselves through their competitive advantages and for Norton constituency, it is agriculture that will spearhead this vision towards achieving a localised GDP that will alleviate poverty and improve the socio economic well being of the constituency.

“The input scheme is a welcome initiative as it is augmenting already existing government programmes such as command agriculture and the presidential input scheme that have brought positive results in improving the livelihoods of Zimbabweans,” Chief Chivero said.

Honourable Mliswa also encouraged other member of parliaments across the country to develop their provincial economies by efficiently using available land as well as natural resource endowments for the realisation of vision 2030