A 22 year old woman from Mkoba 14 in Gweru was stabbed to death five times by her enraged 26-year-old ex-husband in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The grief stricken Mashayamombe family and neighbours were struggling to come to terms with the violent death of Orripah Mashayamombe who was stabbed in front of her 91-year-old grandmother, Gogo Hamundidi.

Shocked neighbours gathered outside the home singing while waiting for the police to take the body of the deceased which was still lying outside the family home.

The suspect, Dignity Masvimbo (26) is said to have waited outside the home for Orripah’s mother to leave for Kudzanayi market before he pounced on his unsuspecting ex-wife.

The couple which was married for five years is said to have had a long standing dispute over the property and clothes of the deceased that were still at the suspect’s house.

Distraught Gogo Hamundidi, who tried to assist her granddaughter, said the accused got into the house and grabbed the now deceased by the hand and started beating and dragging her outside the house where he allegedly stabbed her several times on the neck, abdomen, shoulders and back.

The shocked mother of the late Orrippah, Alice Mashayamomber said she got a phone call to come back home before she had reached the market and was shocked to see the body of her daughter lying in a pool of blood when she got home.

The suspect, Masvimbo is still at large and police are appealing to anyone with information on his whereabouts to report to the nearest police station.