Residents of Mkoba 14 in Gweru are appealing to the local authority to remove staircases from the 30 metre water reservoir to deter children from going up the tank which has resulted in many injuries and deaths.

The call follows the death of a 16 year old boy who committed suicide last week by plunging from the 30 metre water reservoir tank to the ground.

Residents directed their anger towards the local authority for failing to remove the staircases which the children use to go up the reservoir tank.

The deceased, who was in form three, allegedly committed suicide after being rebuked by his mother for engaging in sexual activities at home.

According to a police report, the now deceased, who has since been buried, climbed on top of the tank and threw himself from a thirty metre height and died on the spot.

Meanwhile, Midlands Police Spokesperson, Mrs Ethel Mukwende appealed to members of the public to seek other interventions to solve family disputes.