The general public has expressed mixed reactions to the monetary policy statement announced yesterday with no agreed position as to the benefit and lack of it for them as ordinary citizens.

While acknowledging the government’s efforts in trying to stabilise the economy through the various reforms announced in the mid-term monetary policy people say the government will have to ensure that even after the introduction of the foreign currency accounts the bond note is still respected.

Some are optimistic that the introduction of foreign currency accounts will stamp out the issue of illegal bureau de changes operating on street corners.

Others were not clear on what will happen to those who had thousands in their current bank accounts saying authorities should clearly articulate the meaning of the reforms to the general public to avoid panic.

Others have said the statement has left them with more questions than answers.

Lack of understanding to monetary policy issues is evident for some people whilst some showed their absolute lack of confidence with the monetary authorities emanating from past experiences that are still vivid in their memories.