End users of kaylites have expressed mixed feelings over the immediate ban of kaylites by the government with some saying there is need for a quick alternative packaging and awareness campaigns.

Local manufacturers of polystyrene material commonly known as kaylites are now winding up their business following the ban on use of kaylites, citing environmental and health hazards.

End users of kaylites expressed mixed reactions with some saying they welcome the development which will curb health hazards that came with the use of kaylites.

Some said they will continue using them if there is no immediate alternative which is convenient.

The Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Polystyrene Packaging Council which includes manufacturers, distributors and retailers, Ms Melody Frank, however, said they were caught unaware and will engage the Ministry of Industry and Commerce while they work on alternative packaging.

The ban was effected this Wednesday by the government after it activated Statutory Instrument 84 of 2012, which prohibits the manufacturing or importation of polystyrene.

A recent research by the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) showed that kaylites are made out of a chemical called styrene which is mutagenic if consumed.

The research also revealed that there is migration of the styrene chemical from kaylites to food even at low temperatures.