bells.jpgThe Christmas hype and the merry mood are symbolic of this time of the year.


This magical moment is universally significant never mind the fact that a lot has happened and to most Zimbabweans the Christmas spirit is just no more.


It is not just the same anymore.


The glamour, and the glitz, the shopping and the excitement that come with Christmas seem to have gripped every other part of the world except Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans seem to be going about their usual businesses and forgetting that Christmas is all about love, gifts, happiness, new clothes and lots of food.

During this time of the year families get closer and enemies even smile at each other.


But when was the last time an ordinary Zimbabwean received a gift or even a card from a friend, relative or even a colleague not to mention spouses.


But judging from the look on the faces of many, to Zimbabweans it seems Christmas is a bit farfetched.


That traditional spirit which used to drive the Christmas moment is a one upon a time.

The bigger question is who stole Christmas from Zimbabweans?

Father Christmas has even become thinner and less generous.