books.jpgThe Ministry of Education, Arts, Sport, and Culture says it will continue to provide career guidance programmes that give students positive direction on various career choices especially in the rural areas.

While the government has made access to education for all one of its major priority areas, many children end up choosing the wrong profession due to lack of proper advice and guidance.


It is against this background that the Ministry of Education, Arts, Sport and Culture says it will expand these programmes especially to the rural areas where most intelligent students do not reach their potential due to poverty and lack of career guidance.


The Deputy Provincial Education Director for Harare, Mr. Edward Shumba says the ministry’s programme is aimed at increasing awareness of life careers through developing, sharing life career dialogue, defining career abilities and nurturing effective decision making skills.


“As a ministry we have a deliberate policy of ensuring that students are taught life skills and career choices so that they make informed decisions,” said Mr Shumba.


A teacher at Mabvuku High School in Harare,  Mrs. Shamiso Munyanduri concurred saying career guidance programmes do not only assist in making the right professional choices, but are also aimed at encouraging people to actively participate and take responsibility in community development initiatives to become involved citizens and agents of  positive  social change.


“The expanded programme ensures that if the young people make the right career choices they can also contribute to the development of their community,” Mrs Munyanduri said.

Although many young people aspire to do well in life many factors such as poverty end up affecting one’s career decisions.


According to a recent research, many have ended up in various professions by accident or unfortunate circumstances.