climate-change.jpgThe Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management has convened a National Climate Change Conference in Harare, to fine-tune the country’s position paper to be presented at the World Climate Conference of Parties (COP 16) in Mexico late this year.

The National Climate Change Conference which happens to be the first of its kind to be held just before the World Climate Change Conference scheduled for Cancun, Mexico, from the 29th of this month to the 10 of December this year, will bring together academics, climatologists, scientists and administrators from throughout the country.


Speaking at the conference, climate change expert, Mr. Washington Zhakata said the conference was held to revise Zimbabwe’s position paper on climate change presented at the Copenhagen Conference last year, taking account of trends observed in the country such as the record of high temperatures experienced this year.


All presentations at the conference indicated that the country is experiencing more hot and fewer cold days than before, while the annual mean surface temperature has risen by 0.4 degrees between 1900 and 2000hrs.


Masvingo Provincial Administrator, Mr. Felix Chokowo and his Matabeleland North counterpart, Ms Latiso Dhlamini, revealed that the rivers which used to flow in their areas and some wetlands have since dried up.

The National Climate Change Conference noted that the biggest challenge the country will be facing is to continuously improve the climate change knowledge base, develop institutional capacity and coordination framework to guide climate change programming in the country.