dump sites.jpgEnvironment and Natural Resources Minister, Cde Francis Nhema has called on all Zimbabweans to change their mind regarding the management of waste as a way of preventing global warming as well as outbreaks of diseases.

Though the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management has been blamed for failing to enforce the environmental laws and regulations, the responsible Minister, Cde Francis Nhema says what is crucial is for the people to change their mind set first before enforcing the law.

“In as much as we will create awareness on waste management as a Ministry let me forewarn the general public that we will not hesitate to apply the provisions of the law to those with a tendency to disobey the law,” said Cde Nhema.


A local NGO that has taken the initiative to put bins in the Harare Central Business District, Miracle Mission spokesperson, Jacqueline Anderson said, if the situation is to be reversed, people should develop a culture of separating waste at households and workplace level.

“There is need for concerted and united efforts in ensuring that waste is well managed through waste reduction, re-

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has declared this year a cholera free year with efforts and priority being channeled towards creating awareness on sound and sustainable waste management practices.


blic Transport operators have also been reminded to ensure provision of sufficient waste bins within their vehicles to avoid throwing of litter through windows.