The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi left Harare for Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania today where he will attend the 19th meeting of the of the organ on politics, defence and security cooperation from Thursday to Friday this week.

The ministerial committee of the organ will be preceded by the meeting of senior officials held from Monday and Tuesday this week.

Items on the ministerial committee of the organ include an overview of the political and security situation in the SADC region, a review of elections in the region, commemorations of the Southern Africa Liberation Day and requests from Burundi and the Comoros to join SADC.

The ministerial meeting will also look at mechanism in honour of founding fathers of SADC and implications of the SADC standby force being on the Africa standby force roaster.

The meeting will also deliberate on SADC anti-corruption sub-committee matters and facilitation of movements of persons in Africa.

The issue of poaching will also be on the spotlight with the SADC region working on development of the SADC law enforcement and anti-poaching strategy: implementation modalities.

Zimbabwe is an active member of the SADC organ on politics, defence and security cooperation which was established as a mechanism for conflict prevention, management and resolution.

It is one of the most stable sub-region on the continent.