The Minister of Midlands Provincial Affairs, Cde Owen Ncube has urged the nation to be driven by tolerance and unity of purpose demonstrated during the historic Operation Restore Legacy which ushered in a new dispensation.

He said this while addressing the Shurugwi Town Council and civil servants.

“We must subscribe and affirm to the principle that we are all equal but only differ in our responsibilities and duties as we work towards the transformation of our country into a great economy, not only in the SADC region but also the African continent. We must be driven by mutual tolerance, peace and unity of purpose which we have demonstrated since the historic operation by our defence forces. The culture in government just has to change, and in this context, I would like to implore all civil servants including local authorities’ staff to provide efficient and effective service,” he said.

Cde Ncube added that the government is working on a new model of development that will strengthen economic planning and development management.

“The government will introduce a development model under which the provincial authorities will draw up their own budgets and evaluate their economic outputs as part of a broader vision to accelerate development. I believe this model suits our country as it embraces the notion of citizen engagement with focus on participation, unity of purpose, transparency and responsiveness to the needs of the citizens,” he said.

Under the proposed development model, provincial budgets and plans will be submitted to central government for assessment before they are approved.