The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development, Dr Joram Gumbo and civil aviation authorities today toured the site where an airport in Beitbridge is set to be built.

The airport, as well as the implementation of the one stop border concept in Beitbridge, is set to economically transform the boerder town into a business hub.

Given the important role that the transport sector plays in the economic development of the country including promoting tourism, the government will be developing six airports across the country with Beitbridge being among the benefiting districts.

The idea in Beitbridge is to first establish an aerodrome which will be later upgraded into an airport.

The site for the project has since been identified along the Beitbridge – Masvingo highway.

Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) General Manager, Mr David Chaota expressed satisfaction with the proposed site, adding that they will undertake studies for the implementation of the critical project.

Minister Gumbo revealed that the construction of the facility which will cost $100 million will be done through a public private partnership.

The community of Chamnganga, which comprises of about 30 homesteads, will be relocated to pave way for the infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Beitbridge residents were assured that resources are being sourced to repair the bridge that links Chikwalakwala and Chiredzi which was destroyed by Cylcone Eline and that the works to complete the 4km stretch from the border post to Masvingo turn-off will soon resume as funding had been mobilised.